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Dedicated Online Group Training - Onsite Training Upgraded!

This is the "online version" of an onsite course.  However, it has some very interesting benefits over a traditional onsite delivery: 

  1. Class usually runs from 10am-5:30pm - so your team has some work day to keep up with their regular activities.
  2. If your team is at multiple locations, they can stay at their home locations during delivery rather than travel to one of your company locations as they would have to for onsite delivery.
  3. More schedule flexibility on our calendar and shorter scheduling lead times compared to traditional onsite delivery.
  4. Need more than 5 days of training?  Online Group training gives the flexibility to teach again the following week or even take a few mid-training work days off to allow participants to catch up on work and decompress from their learning activities.
  5. No need to schedule a training room or other shared corporate resources.
  6. Multiple sessions can be setup if you have a large team or your team cannot all be off at the same time.  If you are building up a team for a deployment project, later team members can take open enrollment classes as they come on board.
  7. Your purchased seats are insured - if team members cannot attended the scheduled date (whether known ahead of time or last minute), their seat credit can be used in the equivalent open enrollment training for up to one year.
  8. Special brainstorming / strawman design sessions can be facilitated with your team or a subset of it.  Participants can also hold online team collaboration meetings with each other during the training period.

As with traditional onsite delivery:

  • course times are set according to your timezone
  • all discussions are tailored to your IT environment where applicable
  • content selection can be customized to your team's needs.

Group Purchase of Open Enrollment Seats

Purchase a block of seats with a discount, use them in any open enrollment class on our schedule.

Traditional Onsite at Your Location

Course is delivered at a client site in their facilities.